Game Summary

Bungle! is a fast-paced reflex game that's easy to play and hard to master. There are a lot of jobs to do and your boss is watching -- one mistake and you're fired!

Bungle! includes:

  • Three gameplay modes
  • Game Center & Google Play leaderboards and achievements
  • Thirty colorful jobs to unlock
  • Power-ups to help you work
  • Social sharing with Twitter and Facebook
  • Fun, vibrant art
  • Catchy soundtrack



screenshot-1 screenshot-2 screenshot-3 screenshot-4

screenshot-6 screenshot-7 screenshot-8 screenshot-5


1.5.1 (current iOS, Android, & Amazon)

  • More performance enhancements
  • New app icon
  • General updates


  • 4 new jobs! You'll keep toasty by a bonfire, shovel snow, get into a snowball fight and...build a magic snowman? Sure why not!
  • Large resolution device fix
  • Performance enhancements
  • New continuing system


  • We're proud to partner with The SuperMighty to help fight childhood hunger! Please click on the red ribbon within Bungle! to view their cause and see how you can contribute!


  • 4 new jobs! These include teaching class, raking leaves, serving school lunches, and a special Oktoberfest scene!
  • 16 new goals!
  • You can now mute sound and music from the pause menu
  • Bunglecadabra now unlocked by sharing on Facebook OR Twitter
  • Boardwalk Bungle now has three new goals
  • Old stats imported for relevant new goals
  • Fixes for iOS 8 and older hardware
  • Fixed instances of some ads appearing for people who have purchased no-ads


  • Double app launcher issue fixed (Android only)


  • Facebook and Twitter sharing are now one-button operations when first logging in


  • Facebook sharing bug fixed
  • Goal text rewritten to be more concise
  • Game Over Game Center button fixed (iOS only)
  • Updated piece of background art


  • EIGHT new jobs! These cover the fields of music, science, and more! Check out the Extra Jobs tab to see how to unlock them!
  • The new Jobs menu! Accessible from the main menu you can now track which Extra and Standard jobs you have unlocked and what's needed to unlock more!
  • New jobs unlock popup! Now you know exactly when a new job is added to the rotation! Yeah new stuff!


  • Six Sigma zone powerup bug fixed
  • Powerup touch area increased


  • Closing ad clickthrough fixed
  • No more duplicate powerups when changing
  • Legs no longer on backwards
  • Back button functionality added (Android only)
  • Someone new to get in your way!
  • Clarification of zone mode bars in tutorial
  • Add other scores to bubble on home screen
  • Can now buy no-ads right from game over screen
  • New diverse characters added
  • Show log in under Google Play Services icon if not logged in (Android only)
  • Target bars now disappear correctly when Foresight ends without player carrying object
  • Fixed easy misclick of pause/unpause


  • Fixed Galaxy S3 Mini and similar device display issues (Android only)
  • Google Play Services should only ask you to log in ONCE! if you decline you can sign in by clicking the leaderboards or achievements button (Android only)
  • Fixed RoccoW links in Credits click size error


  • Moving bars now pause on game over
  • Fixed Pro and Six Sigma game over leaderboard score submission bug
  • Fixed resolution bug for 1920x1080 and similar devices (Android only)
  • Fixed easy misclick on various buttons when changing menus


  • Initial release of Bungle!

Soundtrack by ROCCOW



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